Levy Facts

The Summit County ADM Board levy is a renewal of a 2.95 mill levy passed in 2007. It will cost the owner of a $100,000 home $84.08 per year, or about $7 per month. The levy represents 78% of the ADM annual operating budget.

Help when you need it, 24 hours a day

The ADM Board funds round the clock crisis services for psychiatric and drug-related emergencies for adults. Last year, our crisis and addiction helpline received a total of 10,872 calls, and 1,581 people received treatment for mental health or addiction emergency services at one of our 24-hour crisis centers. 

Treatment for everyone, regardless of ability to pay

The ADM Board funds treatment for over 26,000 people per year whose care is not covered by Medicaid or traditional insurance.  Our network of providers offers a wide array of integrated recovery supports for mental illness and addiction. These services help individuals and families in recovery access services, maintain recovery and keep our community safe.

94% of the ADM budget is spent on direct treatment, community support and education

We take our responsibility to the citizens of Summit County very seriously. From preventing drug abuse and suicide in young people, to treating those suffering from the debilitating disease of addiction and mental illness, programs and services supported by the ADM Board save lives every day.

Specialized programs for our Seniors

28% of our patient population or 2,944 people who received services funded by the ADM Board are age 50 or older. These specialized programs for people 50+ include: outpatient counseling, groups, case management and medication management. Citizens receive outreach and prevention services for depression, suicide, medication safety/misuse and much more.

Facts about programming:

  • 39,687 students in 125 schools in 17 districts throughout Summit County participated in drug abuse and suicide prevention programs funded by the ADM Board in 2018.
  • Over 26,000 Individuals and families receive services every year through ADM funded programs. This includes everything from residential and outpatient treatment, home-based therapy, services in Summit County Jail and much more.
  • 10,515 patients received direct treatment for mental health or addiction.
  • 1,233 quick response time visits occurred throughout the county.
  • Overdoses in Summit County are down 63% since 2016.